Zachary Alam’s oft-reported quote, “F**k the blue” – Since when have you ever heard a right-wing Trump supporter scream “F**k the blue?”

As documented in media reports such as this one, from’s Twitter feed, as well as from many other media reports and video footage from the storming of the US Capitol building on January 6, one of Zachary Alam’s most notable quotes was, “F**k the blue.”


Is this guy a MAGA-loving “insurrectionist,” or is he a left-wing instigator posing as a Trump supporter to help fire up the crowd to do something they shouldn’t do — like bash through the locked doors at the Speaker’s Lobby? Alam did the bashing, along with others. It was Ashli Babbitt’s fate to try to climb through one of the bashed-through windows, most likely to remove herself from Alam and the rest of those bashing through the windows and trying to break down the doors to go to the police and what she thought was safety. That’s speculation, as yet unsubstantiated. She was shot dead by US Capitol police officer, Lt. Michael Byrd. That’s fact, documented by video and the officer’s own confession.

Since when have you heard a right-wing Trump supporter scream “F**k the blue?”

We need to know more about Alam’s background as well as other lead instigators in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

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