Zachary Alam attacks the House Speaker’s Lobby doors using a black helmet. Ashli Babbit, who can be seen in the background, subsequently was shot. WARNING: This video shows Capitol Police Lt. Michael Bird shooting the defenseless Ashli Babbitt. Click on the image above or link below to go to Rumble’s page to watch the video.

Events Leading to Ashli Babbitt Shooting

From Rumble comes this video post from outside the House Speaker’s Lobby doors shot by “Jaden X” (a k a, John Sullivan) that shows a couple of minutes leading up to Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death at the hand of US Capitol Police officer, Lt. Michael Byrd. You can see Ashli Babbitt in the background throughout much of the video. It’s alleged that she was trying to get the protestors to stop attacking the House Speaker’s Lobby doors. She allegedly shouted, “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!”

Also, you can see Zachary Alam, in black, wearing black-framed glasses, trying to smash his way into the Speaker’s Lobby along with another person in a gray skull cap and red jacket joining him in attacking the door.

And then, in slow motion, you see US Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd firing his weapon, striking Ashli Babbitt and killing her.

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